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What Makes Us Different

The first time you step into our modern personal training studio you will realize we are not the typical health club or fitness center.

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What to Expect

Getting in shape and improving your health does not happen by chance. This is why every aspect of our facility and program has been well researched and designed with your results in mind.

Greeted by Absolute Fitness Staff   When you enter the Absolute Fitness Personal Training studio for the first time, you will be greeted by our friendly, caring and professional staff who will give you a tour of our specially-designed facility. The workout room is quiet, non-crowded and distraction-free with no mirrors, music or ringing phones. You feel the studio’s calm, yet powerful, ambiance. This is no typical gym.

Greeted by Absolute Fitness Staff   Your first appointment with one of our degreed, certified and experienced personal trainers is complimentary and will last approximately one hour. We will review your health history and fitness objectives in order to design a customized program that specifically addresses your goals. A trial workout will be conducted to introduce you to our concept and address any questions you may have. Your personal trainer will give you undivided attention and constant interaction during your entire workout; insuring strict adherence to form and safety principles. Real improvements require personal attention.

Greeted by Absolute Fitness Staff   During the succeeding workout sessions, your instructor awaits you - on time. Your equipment is set up and ready to go for you. You follow your instructor's precise and simple instructions. Starting very slowly and moving methodically, you deeply and dynamically stimulate your muscles. In one to two minutes, that exercise is complete. Your instructor escorts you to the next exercise, adjusts your settings and you begin. You efficiently move through the workout session. No wait. No hassle.