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Absolute Fitness is proud to be the first TFW affiliate in the Heart of Illinois area. The Training for Warriors system will develop your muscular strength and mental fortitude to take on life’s challenges. We will offer semi-private and small group classes. To learn more about the TFW system, go to trainingforwarriors.com.
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Welcome to Absolute Fitness in Peoria IL

We focus on personalizing a program just for you that virtually eliminates injuries, significantly improves fitness results and reduces time spent in the gym. If you are in search of a safe, sensible and effective health and fitness program – one that will give you the results you want without demanding all of your time – then Absolute Fitness is your answer. I personally invite you to take the health and fitness challenge and schedule your complimentary program consultation and workout session. Your body will thank you for it!

Michael Hintz – Owner

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Can I really achieve optimal training benefits with only 30-60 minutes of exercise a week?

The fitness programs at Absolute Fitness deliver all you need from exercise in a fraction of the conventional time. We have raised the intensity of the exercise to a very high level, thereby making exercising more than your body requires counterproductive and more likely to cause injuries. Have you ever thought about trying to discover how little exercise your body requires for optimal results instead of how much it can withstand? If your exercise intensity is high, the only thing that you will regret is the time you wasted training longer and more frequently.

Trainer Mike Timing Workout with Stopwatch

Client Testimonial

I thought I was in good shape because I lifted a few weights at home and I ran half marathons. I was stunned when I developed a dangerous condition called exertional rhabdomyolysis after taking a boot camp class. My doctor suggested that I seek out a good personal trainer and I liked what Mike and Absolute Fitness had to offer: a safe, professionally guided and time-efficient work out. I work as hard as I can for about 25 minutes twice a week. I love that the workouts are intense but brief. I’ve lost about 10 lbs. of body fat and have added lean muscle in its place.”

Close-up of client Sandi's Bicep and Flexors while doing a pull-up

Sandi B

What makes Absolute Fitness different than a typical health club?

Getting in shape and improving our health does not happen by chance. The first time you step into our revolutionary personal training studio you will realize that we are not the typical fitness center or gym. Every aspect of our facility and program has been well researched and designed with your results in mind. We provide one-on-one exercise instruction by appointment only, a private and distraction-free workout environment, a slow-motion, high intensity, low-force strength training approach and customized exercise equipment. These variables help reduce the risk of injury and promote better overall health and fitness.

Trainer coaching client through workout

Client Testimonial

My entire life I have avoided fitness, exercising in a gym was so embarrassing (read: running the mile in high school gym class). I tried the at-home dvds and they kept reassuring me I was well on my way to that beautiful bikini belly, but I was still gaining weight. I sought out Absolute Fitness due to the private environment and the minimal time commitment; once a week, one-on-one training. I committed myself to 30 minutes a week for one year. The results speak for themselves, I have gone down two sizes and lost 10 pounds of body fat!”

Close Up of client Haley's Bicep

Haley M

What is the Best Type of Exercise for Fat Loss?

Exercise in and of itself is not a major player in weight loss. To burn calories, build muscle! A sensible strength-training program produces fat loss and muscle gain, which increases the basal metabolic rate of your body. Therefore, it is not the number of calories that your body burns from exercise; it is the number of calories that your body burns as a result of exercise. Research shows that the best results are produced from the combination of proper strength training with a healthy, moderately-reduced calorie nutritional plan and the total exclusion of steady-state activities.

Close Up of Bicep muscle and lean body

Client Testimonial

Being a lifelong athlete and runner, my joints have taken a beating over the years. At Absolute Fitness I’m able to maintain and even improve my muscular strength and size without stressing my joints.”

CLose Up of client Mick doing Leg Press

Mick B

Can I get a good “cardio” workout with your program?

A resounding yes! Realize that the only way to activate your cardiovascular system is by performing mechanical work with the muscular system. Our workouts provide maximal muscular work. The greater the quality of muscular work, the better the cardiovascular effect. The type of exercise you perform at Absolute Fitness will give you the best cardiovascular conditioning possible. Typical aerobic type activities are of lower intensity, therefore your adaptations to this activity are not well preserved. This explains why these types of activities require more frequent participation.


Comparison of Fat Loss to Muscle Gain Research

The combined research of Dr. Ellington Darden & Dr. Wayne Westcott

  • Diet &
    Aerobics Aerobics

    Graph showing Diet and Aeorobics equaled 3.2 lbs of Fat lost ans .3 lbs of Muscle lost
  • Diet, Aerobics &
    Strength Training

    Graph showing Diet, Aeorobics, and Strength Training equaled 10 lbs of Fat lost and 2 lbs of Muscle gained
  • Diet &
    Strength Training

    Graph showing Diet and Stength Training equaled 18 lbs of Fat lost and 2.4 lbs of Muscle gained

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